The Party and the Robots

The digital clock advanced a day which initiated the scheduler that detected an event - the party. The event triggered an alarm which woke up the robots. The robots charged themselves by plugging their fingers into a socket.

The cleanser took over the house. It visited every corner of the house trapping even the minute dust particles. It then moved to the tap to fill its hollow belly with water. A thin film of water was spread all over the house. It then went back to a deep slumber by transferring the excess charge of its batteries to the decorator.

The decorator split itself into four parts. The first part moved into the garden to pluck flowers. The second part filled the balloons with air and the third part got busy creating art work with papers. The fourth part was programmed to oversee the proper functioning of the other three parts. When the first three parts finished their work, they got absorbed int the fourth part thus regaining the shape of the original decorator. A few more seconds passed and the house looked attractive enough to host a party. The robot then placed candles at various places which were programmed to light up once the guests enter the house. The scheduler put the decoration to sleep and woke up the chef robot.

With a hundred arms, it turned the kitchen’s air into a metallic delight. It went into a nap every time it had to wait for the not so hot flame to complete its work; in order to conserve electivity. The digital click incremented the hour count and the chef was done with arranging the delicacies on the table. All the robots went back to sleep.

The clock struck six and the scheduler checked it’s to do list. It was time to wake up the master of the house. The personal assistant was charged to assist the master in his daily routine. It woke up the master with a gentle touch of peacock feathers. It then brushed his teeth, have him a bath and dressed him.

With lazy strides, the master moved to the entrance of the house to welcome his guests. Time passed but the guests didn't arrive.

Three more hours passed. The scheduler tried to clean up the house but postponed its operation after the master said that the guests had not yet come.

The clock struck twelve. The master robot found that the master had not yet slept and so, dragged him into the bed. With a blanket over his head, he wondered why the guests did not turn up. After an hour of intense thinking, he realised that he hadn't invited the guests!

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