The invasion of technology

There was a time when life was full of joy and happiness. It was the time when I used to interact with fellow humans. Numerical calculations were performed with the help of beautifully coloured beads, gems and of course a few did use abacus and a few more a pen and a paper. I used to wait for the call of the postman who would bring along with him beautiful hand written letters from my beloved ones reading which I would be virtually transported to the sender’s [place experiencing all that is being talked of. We used to have meetings, group discussions and parties under the banyan trees. We would dance to the tune of world famous sons being sung by the singers of our group.
There was a library where I would spend hours together finding my way through novels, encyclopedias and magazines. I used to feed the sparrows that would land on the terrace every day in the evening. I would try my best to capture those moments on a drawing sheet so that I could tell the world that I was one of the lucky people who can enjoy life with birds.

Environmental events used to be frequently held during which we would sign on papers, most of which stated that ‘I would not cause any harm to the environment’, which at that time seemed meaningless. We used to pin Indian flags on our shirts to show our pride of being an Indian. Every minute of my beautiful life would be recorded in my personal diary so that I can land back at this point of time whenever I feel like doing so.
Ages passed away and a lot of things did change and a lot more things are undergoing the change.

Today my life is full of sorrow. I interact with an assemblage of integrated circuits and a few humans whom I have never met in my life. I can now solve complex numerical problems by running a piece of code written in a language, which is for sure not the language that human beings can communicate in. I now wait for emails and status updates and refresh the window every few seconds so that I am not too late in knowing unimportant things. I now participate in group discussions on online forums and celebrate parties online by sending pictures of chocolates and pastries to my friends.

I now read novels on my kindle and google for information instead of searching for information. Magazines are delivered on time through cables and wires. I find joy in interacting with those ‘angry birds’. Every moment with these virtual life forms can be captured by a simple combination of two keys.

 I now sign online petitions and papers and promise to protect the environment, I recently signed an online petition which stated that ‘there is a need to stop the circulation of online petitions for the electricity that is consumed while reading them can be put to some other proper use’. I have recently changed my facebook profile picture to an Indian flag to show my pride as an Indian. Every moment of my life today is being recorded in these days on my online blog. My life is surrounded by gadgets and virtual people who use smileys to express emotions.

I wish to hold the diary that I have written ages ago in my hands and be transported to that happy world. But unfortunately, it isn’t possible. My diary has been digitized for the world to read and that record of the sweetest moments of my life has been used to fuel the fire on a winter night for the virtual fire on my laptop screen wasn’t sufficient.

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very well said. Kids are more interested in playing on gaming consoles and teenagers more interested in chatting on facebook and google chat.

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