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Things are changing fast in this world due to technology. Few years ago, we used to hear live commentary of cricket on the single radio set possessed by the richest person in the locality. Today, we watch live streaming of the match on our smartphones. Shopping, few years ago, meant going out in the hot sun and running from shop to shop with dozens of carry bags in one’s hands. Today, we can shop things at the click of a button and good are delivered in less than a day at our door steps. And, earlier we used to go to the corner shops where recharge cards were available. Today, we can do the same ourselves online.

The focus of this post is the Airtel App which helps one to manage all the DTH, Broadband, Prepaid and postpaid services of Airtel at one place.

What are the features of the Airtel App that suit my lifestyle?

App - Something that can achieved through a mobile app can also be achieved through a web application. But the experience of the user differs a lot in the two cases. A web application looks out of place on one’s phone. The Look and Feel doesn’t look native. The controls and design are not intuitive and look alien. In case of an app, the look and feel is familiar and one need not scroll through lengthy guides to learn how to use the app. In a world where people have less time and more things to do, every second that is saved acts as a determining factor even in making simple decisions like web app vs. mobile app. Availability of this service in the form of a an app rather than a web application is the first thing that make ‘My Airtel’ feel closer to my lifestyle.

Shake for exclusive offers - In the world of smartphones, gestures replaces actions like click, touch and scroll. I remember a recent announcement from Google which stated that mobile users can now close ads by swiping them away from the screen rather than clicking some close button. Coming from a giant tech company, one can understand the importance of gestures in the world of touch devices. A swipe of a shake is much more entertaining and comfortable than a touch or a long press. Shaking your phone when the ‘My Airtel’ app is open presents you with some exclusive offers. Such small things also contribute a lot towards enhancing user experience.

Tracking service requests - There have been many times when I had contacted customer care executives with various issues. Keeping track of the conversations on mail becomes too difficult after a certain point of time. I used to note down the list of open service requests on a piece of paper and used to follow up on them. It is quite cumbersome and irritating too. My Airtel makes these cumbersome things simple. With My Airtel, you can track all your service requests at one place.  

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