There are very few people in the world about whom we care and who cares about us. One of them is our mother. If she wasn’t there, we would have never been a part of this earth. For nine months, she enjoys the pain while we get ready to be a part of this world. Thereafter, every moment, she takes care of us and ensures that we always stay happy and our needs are catered to in a proper way. Our smiles make her cheerful, our tears bring sorrow to her and our success gives her a sense of accomplishment. A mother is an expert in many things. On this mother’s day, I would like to highlight some of them.

Parenting - It is quite rare that we see a father catering to the needs of a child. On the other hand, a mother is always available round the clock to take care of her child. She knows what the child needs and how he asks for it. She can sense discomfort in the child and help remove it. She knows how to transform the tears of the child into laughter. In short, a mother is an expert in parenting. No one else can take care of a child as much as a mother can.

Studies - I still remember those days when my mother, during my kindergarten, helped me learn the English alphabets, even she herself was not familiar with them. She learnt them along with me and helped me to learn them. She taught me the alphabet, helped me read; all in a fun filled entertaining manner.

Holiday Planning - My mother is an expert in planning holidays. While deciding on the location and the activities that we should be involved in, she makes sure that the wishes and needs of every member of our family are taken care of. She knows how to make everyone feel that the vacation has been planned keeping only them in mind. What ultimately results is a happy family with several memories to cherish.

School projects - When my mother was a child, she spent her time in craftworks ranging from painting to pottery. Her expertise in crafts had helped me a lot in my school projects. While I happily slept during the night, she would stay awake completing the work. I always stood first in projects and exhibitions at school, thanks to my mother.

Today is the day to celebrate her expertise in different areas. This Mother’s Day, let all of us spend a few hours talking to our mother, reliving every moment that we spent with her till now. If not for her existence, we would not have accomplished anything in our lives. Happy Mother’s Day.

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