Guessing Game - Ek Nayi League

I and my friend were sitting in the coffee shop, relishing the coffee and snacks and cracking jokes. The television in the shop was on, and the IPL match was going on on the TV. An advertisement was aired during the ad break. In this ad, Kapil Dev, the former captain of the Indian Cricket team talks about something new, which he calls - Ek Nayi League. The ad was small, didn't give us too many clues, except asking us to follow Kapil Dev's twitter handle to know more.

Both of us were split in our opinions. Out of curiousity we checked out Kapil's twitter handle which gave too less information and further increased our curiosity, by sharing a few more videos. He talked about sports persons like Tiger Woods and other international sportspersons earning a lot in their sports and compared them with Indian players a majority of whom even couldn't get an opportunity to represent the country at an international level event. A classic example of this is the recent debacle involving the Paralympic Committee of India being de-recognised by the world body International Paralympic Committee, because of the poor conditions that were provided to the atheletes who turned out from throughout the country at the recently concluded National Para-Atheletics Championships. Infact this was not the first time something like this happened, and an Indian sports body was debarred and de-recognised by the world body, overseeing the sport.

So, it was pretty obvious that what he was promoting had something to do with sports, but then we checked out a number of other videos in that series. He called in sports persons from different sports. Be it MS Dhoni from cricket or Sania Mirza from tennis. He even called upon the standup comedian Kapil Sharma too to follow his twitter handle. Now this has put us up in doubt over what exactly is he talking about. My friend said it was something like a reality game show which calls different celebrities to participate and would be entertaining to the audience. While, I think that this is something different. I told him that in my opinion, this is going to be a sort of tournament on the lines of IPL that would invite players from all fields of sports to come in and participate in and compete with other players from the same sports, maybe, inviting international players from other countries as well, much like the present format of the IPL, wherein all the participating players from different countries and cricket playing clubs are divided into teams and they all play the tournament for the cup. Now both of us have made a bet and lets see who wins. Will it be a reality game show involving celebrities or will it be a tournament including players of different sports playing. Only time will tell.

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